30-Day Kayvu Trial Signup Confirmation Email Troubleshooting

Due to the Internet email delivery technology which requires mail servers maintained by various providers to function properly, the reasons for an undelivered confirmation email message can be manifold. The following tips may help you diagnose the problems:
  • Tip 1: The email message may still be under way. Even though email delivery usually does not take longer than a few minutes, some of the systems on the path from Kayvu to your inbox may encounter temporary problems and/or connections with low bandwidth, which may lead to longer delivery times.
  • Tip 2: The confirmation email may have been classified as spam. This classification can be made by your email provider and/or your email client. In addition to your inbox, please also check your spam folder.
  • Tip 3: Your email provider may not have accepted the email. In this case, the email message was indeed not delivered to you. There can be various reasons for this. One typical reason could be that your inbox has reached its quota, in which case you should check your inbox to free some space before proceeding.

Re-Send Confirmation Email

If none of the tips above helped you locating the confirmation email, use the form below to let Kayvu send another confirmation message:
Account Information
Supply the username and password of your trial account.
New Contact Email Address
Supply the desired contact email address.
Email Address:
Note: This address can be different from the address you used during your signup. In addition to sending a new confirmation email, Kayvu will update your contact data so that this address is used in the future.